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Research shows that radon reduction can help prevent 5,000 deaths caused by lung cancer. Almost every home has a certain degree of radon. Radon levels can sometimes greatly vary even in houses adjacent to each other. The amount of radon in your home depends on a number of factors such as:

  • Soil type: Radon levels will highly depend on soil uranium content. The flow of radon is easy in some soils as compared to others. This means that clay and sand have different radon flow properties.
  • Construction type: The design and type of your home determines the level of soil contact. Also, house design determines the size and number of radon entry points.
  • House foundation: A foundation with several openings and cracks increases radon entry points.
  • Lifestyle: There are factors that affect the pressure difference between the soil and the house. Some of them include the use of fireplaces, windows, and exhaust fans. Pressure difference plays a major role in drawing radon indoors. This consequently affects the rate of indoor and outdoor air exchange.
  • Weather: Weather variations influence radon levels in your home. This includes precipitation, barometric pressure, wind, temperature, etc.

Due to the numerous factors at play, predicting the amount of radon in your home can be tricky. The best way to get this right is through testing. Fortunately, many sump pump excavation companies know how to get rid of radon. But with so many radon mitigation companies today, how do you pinpoint the best? Here are qualities to look out for in a local radon mitigation company.

1. Experience

Radon mitigation is a job that needs handling by competent hands. When it comes to sump pump excavation services, incompetency can worsen the problem. Always go for a company that has been around for a couple of years. The more the years they have under their belt, the better. This likely means they know how to solve various problems. Although new companies can at times impress, an experienced firm is always a better option.

2. Track Record

A sump pump excavation company that excels in radon mitigation is the best. Always consider how efficient a radon abatement service provider is in the reduction of gas levels. A serious local radon mitigation company will offer clients data to help ascertain their success rate. On the flip side, stay away from companies that seem to have a poor track record with low online reviews.

3. Same Day Installation

Same day installation of radon mitigation systems is possible. Installation needs to be convenient and completed in the shortest time possible. A seasoned sump pump excavation firm will also leave the work area in a finished state. This means there will be no need for filling drafty gaps or drywall repair.

4. Free Written Estimate

Serious service providers furnish clients with written estimates. Your preferred sump pump excavation shouldn’t be an exception. After the company familiarizes itself with your home’s layout, the contractor should estimate the installation cost. This needs to go hand in hand with a detailed installation description. All these will in most cases be free of charge.

The technicians might request paying you a visit to get a clearer picture. Depending on how far your home is, on-site estimates can be free as well. Failure to arrive at an estimate is a red flag that displays their inexperience.

5. Price

Businesses are always trying to outdo each other, radon mitigation companies included. With such cutthroat competition, most companies offer wallet-friendly services. Getting price quotes from different companies will be in your best interest. This will help you pinpoint a fairly priced contractor. Even so, the cheapest option doesn’t necessarily mean it’s the best. Cheap prices can mean that you’re compromising on quality. This comes with the risk of added expenses when making up for a poorly done job. You can never go wrong with a company that strikes a balance between price and quality.

6. Guarantee

Your radon levels are likely high now that you’re considering radon mitigation. According to EPA, radon levels need to be lower than 4.0 piC/L. You need a guarantee from the contractor that radon levels will go lower than 4.0 in order to keep you and your family safe.

Keep away from any contractor that’s unwilling to guarantee this in writing. This is because you’ll risk your hard-earned money for a service that might not work. When you’re ready to put your trust in a radon mitigation company, rely on Affordable Radon today.