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radonOur homes are our safe havens. We retreat to them after stressful days, and over the years they become our safe place. So how would it make you feel if we told you that there are plenty of hidden dangers in your home that are putting your family at risk right this very second?

You’re probably feeling uneasy and nervous knowing that there are hidden dangers lurking in the place that is supposed to make you feel the safest. But don’t worry — here we have created a guide of three of the most common hidden dangers in your home and how to remove them completely.


We all have painted our homes at one time or the other. Chances are, you may not have given that coat of paint a second thought when you applied it. But for those who are living in homes built before the 1970s, you may have remnants of lead paint in your home that can still have harmful effects despite the coats of safe paint on top of it. A simple consultation with a lead paint professional can determine if you have any lead levels in your home and you won’t have to worry that those pretty walls are damaging to your family.


The problem with mold is that it can grow and flourish without you even seeing it. Mold spores can live in the air and surfaces of your home without leaving any telltale signs, so make sure to always clean up any water damage in your home the minute you notice it. Remember, a dry home is a happy home!


What is radon? It is a colorless, odorless gas that is produced when uranium in the soil around your home breaks down. It is especially dangerous when ingested, and in fact, the Surgeon General has warned that breathing in this element is the second leading cause of lung cancer in the United States today. This element can be found anywhere, so it is best to call a radon mitigation and abatement service to come and test your home periodically for anything harmful.

It is important to be aware of these hidden dangers so you can ensure your home is as safe as possible for your family’s health and happiness. Keep your eye out for these common risks and you’ll have the safest home on the block.